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Want Mac and Yease in your Whole Foods?  Request it in your online store in just a few easy steps!  Go to WholeFoods.com  click on  Menu > Customer Service > Store Feedback.  Supply the location of your store, leave a polite message requesting Mac & Yease on the hot bar, and you're on your way to having Mac and Yease in your life!


 History Behind the Mac

My Great Grandmother, Mary Fluker from St. Stephens, Alabama, used to make baked Mac & Cheese for my father and his family on Sundays for dinner.  I got a hold of the recipe and now Great Grandma Mary’s staple Sunday supper dish has been veganized!  

Mac and Yease is a recipe built from tradition that your family can build a meal around.  IEG is here to provide better vegan options, especially for young vegans, families with multi “vore” palates at home, and the healthy lifestyle person that may want to skip dairy today for a guilt free treat, that tastes like home.